The 30-Days Foundation


The 30-Days Foundation will be an outlet for people going through real life personal and/or financial crisis.

To get them over the hump. To take care of a nagging bill that won't leave them alone. To provide them a down payment for an apartment. To fix their tires and other car repairs so they can get to work every morning. To pay for groceries for the month. To buy baby supplies for the newborn. To buy their kids some school clothes and supplies and multiple other real-life scenarios that every family and individual has gone through.  To help ease the burden of a personal crisis by donating funds to the service that needs payment to make things a bit easier.  That is what we do.


         It's very easy. Simply go to and find out about what we do.  There are no

         applications to fill.       Simply email us at and we can begin communication.

The 30-Days Foundation was created by Twin Cities musician and Event Producer Mick Sterling. Inspired by personal stories from friends and families, as well as multiple times in his own life concerning every day financial struggles, Sterling wanted to find a way to provide a remedy for something that we've been through at one or more in our lives. The 30-Days Foundation is attempting to address this and provide some relief.

The beauty of this life is that its unpredictable.

Sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't in a financial or personal crisis sense, the source of that crisis and instability stems from a series of consecutive setbacks that starts one minor or major thing. For most people, these setbacks come as surprises. One setback begets another setback and it continues. When that happens, individuals and families can find themselves deep in crisis, causing multiple stress full moments that can affect every person in their own family.


We are assisted by people like you.  Individual donations via our website. Attendance at our events we produce.  Social Media outreach, grant writing, etc.  The 30-Days Foundation does not receive any government assistance for what we do.   If you are interested in helping our efforts, please go to and click on DONATE.


The 30-Days Foundation celebrates the beauty of the simple act of kindness by providing one-time financial grants made payable ONLY to the service provider that needs payment.  Since 2011, The 30-Days Foundation has assisted over 90,000 individuals and families.  


A 30 Days House, a program of The 30-Days Foundation, is an innovative approach addressing the urgent need for safe and effective transitional housing for families.

Based in the Twin Cities, A 30 Days House is a program that provides a rent and utility payment free experience for one family at a time up to three weeks.  The home is fully furnished providing all toiletries and household necessities. 

In order to qualify, they must have provided documentation of payment of their first month rent and security deposit to their eventual shelter.  At times, once shelter is secured it can take one, two or even three weeks to actually move in to their new residence. This in-between time for families can be burdensome, costly and at times, quite unsafe for each family member.

A 30 Days House is a respite. A place for now.  A place where a family can reside in safety and security perhaps for the first time.  This will serve as a place they can collect themselves and focus their thoughts on their new beginning. 

This pilot program will be managed by PRISM.  PRISM of Golden Valley will select qualified families who fit the simple criteria. They will also check in each week with the family to see how they’re doing, help them prepare for their final move into their permanent residence and to assure a smooth transition for the incoming family.