SUNDAY SOUL SERVICE:  This 2003 effort is one hell of a live CD.  Featuring powerful versions of ALRIGHT OK, LEAVE YOUR HAT ON, THE SAME LOVE THAT MADE ME LAUGH (Makes Me Cry), TELL THE TRUTH, WHY WOULDN'T I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, and an incredible version of the Etta James classic I'D RATHER GO BLIND sung oh so soulfully by Mark Lickteig

LETS DO THINGS TO EACH OTHER:  The first full length original CD, this record, recorded at the legendary Pachyderm Studio, is arguably the strongest piece of work from the band. Featuring some blistering solos, razor sharp rhythm work and popping horns, this record features I WANT HIS JOB, THAT'S WHAT A MAN'S SUPPOSED TO DO, MORE THAN MY LOVER and many more

MICK STERLING AND THE STUD BROTHERS:  The first effort of the 17-year run of MICK STERLING AND THE STUD BROTHERS.  Recorded live at Bunkers and at Metro Studio, this effort features live versions of club-goers favorites BUMP AND GRIND and LEAVE YOUR  HAT ON.

COME HOME:  Recorded in 1994, this original live CD features the band in the sweaty confines of Bunkers Music Bar and Grill in Minneapolis.  Featuring the live version of Van Morrison's IN TO THE MYSTIC, and the powerful title track

FIFTEEN:  A double CD of 15 years of live and studio songs from MICK STERLING AND THE STUD BROTHERS

THE LONG RIDE HOME: released in 2005 is Mick's first book, (And to reply to an oft-asked question; yes, Mick did write the book, not a ghost writer).  This autobiographical effort is not about hurling TV's out hotel rooms and testimonials from thousands of groupies about their wild nights with Sterling and/or The Stud Brothers.  It's an honest look at what it's like to be a working musician in the Twin Cities. The book also features interviews with Twin Cities music legends Pat Hayes, Lori Barbero, Kevin Bowe and Bobby Vandell.  THE LONG RIDE HOME gives the reader a unique and interesting look at the real life issues, the highs and lows, of what it's like to do 250 gigs a year, lead a band of creative musicians, all the while trying to keep your off-stage life in tact enough to do it all over again the next night.

*All CD's and book are available by e-mailing Mick at

Between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Mick's 2005 release, produced by Kevin Bowe, features a brilliant band and special guests.  Sterling and Bowe crafted 8 of the 10 songs together.  Featuring the oft-requested MAN PANTS, WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING and SKIES OF AVALON

Nothing Less Than Everything: Mick's ode to the Philadephia Sound and Stax/Volt.  Released in 1997, this CD features the soulful title track, as well as I'M AFRAID, SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN and BETTING MAN

The Best Laid Plans:Produced by famed Memphis Blues producer Dennis Walker, this CD is a fan favorite with the popular tracks, BLUES IS MY BUSINESS (And Business is Good), HONEY HONEY HONEY, and WHY WOULDN'T I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU

Doin' It For The People: Recorded live at the 318 Club in Excelsior, MN, this rag tag collection of Americana Thugs, all nine of us, rocked a packed house no larger than a large living room.  Led by Mick and Kevin Bowe, this is one of Mick's favorite efforts.  Featuring live versions of Dylan's I REMEMBER YOU, and Haggard's YOU TAKE ME FOR GRANTED